NAME   Washington 100 Highest Peaks

  with 400 feet of prominence


entire state of Washington

  RULE FOR INCLUSION   400 feet of clean prominence
  NUMBER OF PEAKS IN LIST   100 highest satisfying above rule
  NAMING CONVENTIONS   *  unofficial name (not on current USGS maps)

The first list of the 100 highest peaks in Washington based on prominence was established in the mid-1970's by John Lixvar and John Plimpton of "The Bulgers", a local climbing group.  The list described above is a modification of the Bulger list, but differs in using a consistent standard of 400 feet of clean prominence (see below).  This results in about a dozen differences in the peaks they contain.

Calculation of clean prominences and additions/deletions of peaks to produce this list were performed by John Roper and Jeff Howbert.

Links to lists:

    100 highest peaks in Washington with 400 feet of clean prominence (as described above)

    Bulger list of the 100 highest peaks in Washington (links leave site):

    a side-by-side comparison of the Bulger and 400 feet clean prominence lists

Clean prominence is the elevation difference between a peak and the lowest contour that encircles the peak and no higher point.  If water rose to this low contour, the peak would be isolated as the highest point on the island created.  The saddle elevations listed are for the contour immediately above the prominence-defining saddle or pass.

Read John Roper's explanation of all the varieties of prominence, including clean prominence. - link to be added